Classes and coursework

A short list of programming classes that overlap with the technical and philosophical bent of COMM 113/213.

Programming code:

CS41: Stanford University <>

The fundamentals and contemporary usage of the Python programming language. Primary focus on developing best practices in writing Python and exploring the extensible and unique parts of Python that make it such a powerful language.
Intro to Programming [Python]
CSC 161: University of Rochester
Python Programming for the Humanities

Folgert Karsdorp <>

The programming language Python is widely used within many scientific domains nowadays and the language is readily accessible to scholars from the Humanities. Python is an excellent choice for dealing with (linguistic as well as literary) textual data, which is so typical of the Humanities. In this book you will be thoroughly introduced to the language and be taught to program basic algorithmic procedures. The book expects no prior experience with programming, although we hope to provide some interesting insights and skills for more advanced programmers as well. The book consists of 10 chapters. Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 are still in draft status and not ready for use.
Introduction to Computational Tools and Techniques for Social Research
PS239T: U.C. Berkeley


Computational Journalism/Digital Humanities

Exploring Computational Journalism
COMM 281/CS 206: Stanford University