Day 18: Thursday, March 9, 2017 - Data Crunching

Data crunching: basically, turning something – text files (JSON, CSV, etc), Excel, into Python objects, e.g. lists and dictionaries.

Please sign up for Github if you haven’t already:

For next Tuesday

Regarding: First Bot

Get your bot to the point where you have a script with a bot method, and we can run it like this:

import bot
from library_whatever import *'hello world')

My food-finding bot in progress:

Simple death penalty bot:

Understanding web apps

On Tuesday, we’re going to do a whirlwind setup of building and deploying a web-app. I’ll try to make it as step-by-step as possible, but I highly recommend walking through this excellent First News App tutorial by the L.A. Times. Even if you’re new to HTML and what a web app is, it’s a nice introduction to what a web app is – basically, a program for showing fancy text strings.


Two options:

Install geocoder library:

Or, use my script based off of Mapzen: