Day 19: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Making a Flask site

We’re not making a full-fledged web app. We’re just going to deploy a simple Flask web server that reacts to a user visiting a URL. You can produce an HTML response if you want, i.e. a webpage. Or you could send a message through some other medium (e.g. Twitter, SES, SNS).

For Thursday

Make a webapp

Run through this simple web app making tutorial. It’s actually not essential to do...but it’s so simple that it takes a few minutes, and you’ll get a lot more insight to the ephemeral concept of a “web application”:

Flask Hello World

The Github thing

I’m going to assume you did the above tutorial and you have a folder named hello-flask.

Now...try to get your hello-flask folder onto your online Github repo:

The steps, in general:

  • Open the Github Desktop app.
  • Specify the hello-flask as a new Git repo.
  • “Commit” the data/changes for your new hello-flask repo.
  • “Publish”, i.e. push your repo to your online Github site.

If everything worked, and assuming you named the repo on Github hello-flask, you should see the repo at this URL: